Second Community Survey

the old school site

Comann Eachdraidh Sgìre a’ Bhac (Back Historical Society) are in the process of further progressing a project for new premises on the Old Back School site, focused on the heritage of the district. The plans for this project are progressing steadily.

We previously asked for community feedback for this facility and have adjusted our proposals accordingly. What was evident was community need for wider re-development of the overall old school site, as well as other desires for facilities that could potentially be housed in this location.

Therefore we have framed this questionnaire to gather more information on this so we can develop a masterplan for the whole site. The more information we get from the community the more likely it will be that the masterplan will reflect the needs of the whole community.

1. Are you happy with the current condition of the old Back School site?

2. In addition to the proposed new Comann Eachdraidh Sgìre a’ Bhac (Back Historical Society) building, would you like to see the old Back School site being redeveloped and used for the community?

3.In relation to the district of Back, what existing community services/facilities do you think currently work well in the area?

4.What existing community services/facilities could be improved upon or work better in the area?

5. What functions would you like to see realised in the Back area / old Back School site? (Some will be provided within the new Comann Eachdraidh/Historical Society building, but please select those you support regardless.)

6. Considering the list from the previous question, please rank the top 5 functions (1 being most preferable) you would use / support most

7. If some of these elements could be realised on the old Back School site, do you think this would enhance the area, making it a more attractive place to live and contribute to individual and collective wellbeing?

8. Have you seen the plans for the proposed new Comann Eachdraidh Sgìre a’ Bhac (Back Historical Society) building?

(View the latest plans on BARD’s website)

  • Do you support the proposal for this building?

9. A Little About You (this information will help us ensure that all members of the community are fully considered)

Are you a full-time resident of Sgìre a’ Bhac?

Do you live alone?

Do you ever feel socially isolated?

Comann Eachdraidh Sgìre a’ Bhac has a membership of approximately 200 people. If you are not already a member would you consider joining?

What is your age group?

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